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IF 7

Francesco d'Assisi attraverso l'immagine. Roma, Museo Francescano, codice inv. nr. 1266. (Iconographia Franciscana, 7). Roma, Istituto Storico dei Cappuccini, 1992. 25 cm., 49 pp., 107 95., 10* pp. (€ 105,00).


IF007This is the facsimile reproduction of the miniaturized manuscript of St Bonaventure's Legenda Maior, preserved in the Museo Francescano of the Capuchins in Rome. With its 183 beautiful bordered-pictures and two miniaturized initials illustrating the life of St Francis, it is the most voluminous of the currently available full coloured manuscript biographies of the saint. A posterior entry on the last folio puts the date of completion of the manuscript as 30 March 1457. The introduction, in Italian, German and English, contains a description of the manuscript, a discussion on the chief features of the miniatures, and some practical suggestions towards a fruitful reading of the "Legenda".



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